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How often do we dream of a cozy warm house, in which nothing is annoying: no color of the walls or the arrangement of furniture, no bright light, no noise, no other small parts? And how often do we think about changing the situation, reincarnation, interior space, to make life more harmonious? Striving to make the house comfortable and beautiful it was proper to man always.

A feeling of being home does not depend on its size. Even the smallest home can be beautiful, comfortable and loved, if not applicable to him as a temporary shelter, and think about it every little thing, almost every corner.

On this site we have collected and posted an interesting and useful information that will help you in interior design house, apartment, office or country cottage. more ...

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A small bathroom: how to become perfect if the bathroom is small

Experts say that the arrangement of the bathroom to start choosing floor and wall tile and complete selection of accessories to go with these two elements. So, you have a small bathroom: is it possible to achieve the ideal?

For a small area is recommended to choose a bathroom floor and wall tile are small and unobtrusive design to create the impression of a larger area room. From an aesthetic point of view for these bathrooms ideal glass mosaics.

According to the basic rule of architecture, the door should be opened into the room, and a bathroom sink with mirror must be elements, immediately falling into the field of view. If the area of your bathroom does not allow to observe this rule, set the door which opens outwards, and constituent elements of a small bathroom are based, primarily, their functionality (for example, the toilet will be installed as close as possible to the effluents).

Mirror - the main element of the bathroom. No matter what area you have do not purchase the small mirror, even if your bathroom very tiny. The mirror will reflect light and visually double the space. Usually a mirror is placed above the sink.

While a large bathroom on the footage allowed everything from soul to the customer, of course, on condition that the plumbing, furniture, floor and wall coverings will be in harmony style, with a small room is not the case. Plumbing fixtures and accessories should be simple in design. In this room is recommended to use ceramic tile warm color tones and a very modest simple models. Furniture should be in the form of hanging cabinets with open shelves, glass or made of another material of warm color tones. Furnished their small bathroom, do not forget to follow their style, which are equipped and other facilities of your home, especially pay attention to a bedroom and bathroom were decorated in a style, because they constitute a single functional entity.

Kitchen Remodeling

If you've never picked products for the kitchen, or the last time it was a long time, Home And Garden Remodeling is to help you understand this question. Here you will find information about everything - whether built in appliances and any other kitchen appliances, countertop, sink, flooring for the kitchen or lighting for the kitchen. As well as materials for kitchen accessories - furniture handles, fixtures, railing, etc.

You may wish to do some work to remodel the kitchen themselves. For example, after reading an article in a magazine, it will seem a simple process of laying linoleum (laminate) or laying ceramic tile over a working kitchen. But you're still confused - how to start and how to do it myself? We offer instructions for redesign the kitchen, you are able to do yourself for the weekend, without hiring contractors.

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Attic Remodeling, Roofing

Homeowners faced with a challenge - how to repair the attic and return to his former dwelling of appeal. Many of them are already on several occasions carried out repairs without a positive result, but with significant financial costs.

The repair insulation can be executed from inside the attic, and the outside of the roof. Materials used for repairs, should be only the highest quality and reliability. This applies to all components - roofing, insulation, waterproofing and vapor films, tapes and adhesives for them.

Renovation of the roof from the inside running with the residents and resettle-ment with removal of interior, replacing the old vapor barrier and insulation. In this case we can guarantee high quality and reliability of construction, as roofers are able to perform the additional roof insulation (between and under rafter) and successfully solve the problem of the many junctions and connections of the structure. As a rule, replaced and underroof waterproofing layer - rather than steam-proof film (micro-perforated or class of Silver, which are commonly used at the end of the last century) are mounted contemporary diffusion membranes with high vapor permeation. Installation of new films can be performed without removing crates and roofing material, although it is associated with higher labor costs and requires a lot of professional roofers. Thanks to the diffusion (breathable) film insulation is made for the full height of the rafter feet, which significantly reduces heat loss and heating costs.

In addition, the rejection of the lower ventilation gap simplifies ventilated roofs complex shapes and reduce to a safe level of condensation. Repair of the inner side of reasonable conduct in the case when the roofing and waterproofing packed properly and must be corrected only defects insulation and steam insulating layer. However, quality problems usually occur in all components of a mansard design, therefore, more practical and reliable method of reconstruction or repair of the roof - it works with its outer side.

Repairs on the outside is much more difficult, since it carried out without evacuation of residents and it is very important in the work to prevent the diversion of atmospheric moisture into the room. To protect from the rain it is recommended to equip the house of a stationary protective cover or use special coating. They have high tensile strength, resistance to UV irradiation, sufficient ductility at low temperatures and thus have a reasonable weight, making them easy assembly and disassembly.

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Garden Remodeling
Home And Garden Remodeling provides plenty of information on landscape design, architecture, gardens, gardening and landscaping. The website publishes articles about garden design: the initial stage, the planning area, fences, lawns, paths and stairways, pools and fountains, architectural forms, planting materials, use of plants in the design of garden tools and garden equipment, interesting ideas. Reviews of books and magazines on landscape design, alpine gardens and ornamental lawns, caring for garden plants, flowers, trees and shrubs, tips for caring for houseplants, creating winter gardens. more ...

Home Improvement
It is obviously that the interior design of modern apartment depends on perfectly picked materials for it. After successfully using complementary materials for curtains and carpets, upholstery and wallpaper, curtains and tablecloths can create a unique interior. Interior design rests on three pillars - the color, composition, style. And a sense of style, perhaps the main thing. And as a result - a beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly - a unique design for housing that matches your lifestyle. more ...


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